Restoring & Resizing Antique Eyeglasses

Restoring & Resizing Antique Eyeglasses

I’ve always wanted a really nice set of glasses, essentially on the premise that if I was going to wear glasses for the rest of my life I may as well have nice ones. To that end, one could hardly do better than hand-wrought white gold from the height of the country’s party period – the Roaring 20’s. Check these bad boys out.

Though they’ve stood the test of time, and are more-or-less in great shape through out, they’re still in need of some attention. You can see at the edges and especially at the ear-wires that they’ve begun to show some signs of neglect. You can also see where time and grime have begun to attack the metal with oxidation. The engraved pattern is still in amazing condition though, and the makers stamps are still as sharp as ever.

The goal of this restoration-come-modification is to have a functional set of glasses that will fit comfortably and look good. To that end we’ll be cutting the temples / arms / ear wires / what have you about mid way, adding extensions in the form of hand-rolled white gold wire, cleaning and polishing the frames, installing new lenses, and rhodium plating the whole shebang.

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