Breathing New Life Into An Antique Thai Princess Ring As A Modern Lavalier Necklace

Breathing New Life Into An Antique Thai Princess Ring As A Modern Lavalier Necklace

I had an itch today, and the only way to scratch it was to create something. Nothing seemed very inspiring until I rummaged through my “that’ll be useful someday” bin and before I knew it I had made a beautiful ruby & diamond pendant necklace that I’m told it called a “lavalier”.

Several years ago we purchased an absolutely destroyed Thai princess ring from a friend of ours as gold scrap. When I went to tear it apart it struck me as simply too unique to actually go through with it, so it was relegated to the “someday” pile. Several years later inspiration or serendipity have struck and “someday” is now today.

I’m so excited this is going to look amazing! Next we’ll need to select a diamond for the center of the largest ruby halo.

You always have to make sure that you keep good records!

Now it’s assembly time.

So you gather all of your parts and pieces (ruby rings, diamond, basket for the diamond, scrap wire to make connectors). One of my favorite things to do with jewelry is to make beautiful pieces out of the scrap that falls into my collection bins from other jobs. Now its time to connect all of the pieces. I know all to many jewelers that would try to do this with a torch and  solder. We have a Orion Pulse Arc Welder that is so amazing. Not only do we have far superior  joints than with soldier we are melting gold to gold to make seamless connections. We used to be traditional bench jewelers using a torch and never will we go back!

Mount your diamond in a solitaire earring mounting that you had laying around. Now its time to weld it in.

Now for the most gratifying part.

The Polishing…….

This is the most tedious and arduous part of the whole process. As an apprentice this is the first thing you learn because it is the most important.  When you do it correctly it is what makes the difference between just another piece of jewelry and a beautiful piece of wearable art.

Opps one more step.

Howe are we going to hang this from a chain. We have to figure out where to put a bail.

Back to the welder to attach the piece we just made.

Everything to do with jewelry is about symmetry. make sure that it is centered and on straight and more importantly appears straight. This is not always the same thing. We have to polish the piece again and also the chain that we hand selected this to go on.

The Final Piece

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